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roof-mounted air-conditioning units
Dr. Richard Forbes examines several rooftop air-conditioning units.

Industrial Assessment Center, Mississippi State University
The MSU IAC's primary purpose is to help serve the energy-, waste-, and productivity-related needs of small- and medium-sized manufacturing facilities within a geographic radius of approximately 150 miles of MSU. The IAC program provides industrial assessments that make recommendations for more efficient use of energy, improved waste management, and enhanced production by analyzing the operating characteristics of the facility. Each assessment consists of a site visit to obtain information on the facility, energy-consuming processes, waste generation and handling practices, and production methods and an assessment report that identifies and recommends specific actions to conserve energy and/or reduce costs, reduce waste generation and cost as well as improve production methods. Implementation costs and payback periods are estimated for each recommendation. MSU IAC industrial assessments are prepared by students under the close supervision of a mechanical engineering faculty member since a secondary purpose of the IAC program is to provide undergraduate engineering students with experiences in industrial assessments and energy and waste conservation. The IAC program is administered by Rutgers University and is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Requirements for an MSU IAC Industrial Assessment:

  • (SIC) Standard Industrial Classification Codes of 20-39
  • Located with 150 miles of MSU
  • Have a maximum plant energy cost of $2 million/year
  • Have a minimum plant energy cost of $100,000/year
  • Have a maximum of $100 million/year in gross sales
  • Have a maximum of 500 employees at the plant
  • Lack in-house expertise in energy use and energy conservation

Summary of IAC Activities for 1994 - 2005 Fiscal Years

Over 2000 different recommendation types.

$5 million annually implemented energy, productivity, and waste savings.

Recommended an average of $92,000/yr in cost savings for each facility visited.

For more information, contact:

Dr. B. K. Hodge
P.O. Box ME
Mississippi State, MS 39762
TEL: (662) 325-7315
FAX: (662) 325-7223
Dr. R. E. Forbes
Associate Director
P.O. Box ME
Mississippi State, MS 39762
TEL: (662) 325-7312
FAX: (662) 325-7223
Mary C. Emplaincourt
Associate Director
P.O. Box ME
Mississippi State, MS 39762
TEL: (662) 325-8787
FAX: (662) 325-7223
Jeremy Childers
Lead Student
P.O. Box ME
Mississippi State, MS 39762
TEL: (662) 325-3765
FAX: (662) 325-0102
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