screw press component
IAC undergraduate assistant Tommy Carroll studies part of a disassembled screw press.


Utility Bills Release Authorization

Before the IAC can perform an energy and waste survey, copies of appropriate utility bills need to be released to the Center. This can be done by completing a simple form and returning it to the IAC. The form can be downloaded below.  The form must be sent by fax to (662) 325-0102

Utility Bills Release Authorization - Microsoft Word 2000 document


Presentation Describing the MSU IAC

Here is a Power Point presentation describing the MSU IAC program (approximately 2 MB)

Power Point Presentation - Microsoft PowerPoint 2000


Downloadable Brochures about the MSU IAC

OIT IAC Overview -- The Office of Industrial Technologies has developed a 6-page fact sheet on the IAC program. This document gives a broader overview of the program and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print (PDF 995 KB).

MSU IAC Overview -- A customized tri-fold brochure has been designed for the MSU IAC. These brochures are used to inform potential IAC clients about how the program works and contact information. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these brochures (PDF 120 KB).

Student Development Program Brochure -- This is a tri-fold brochure created to assist IAC participants in educating potential employers about the IAC program and the advantages they have over other graduates. Professionally printed copies of this brochure can be obtained from your school's IAC Director (recommended), or you can download an Adobe Acrobat version that you can print yourself. (PDF 660 KB).



For more information, contact Dr. B.K. Hodge, Dr. R.E. Forbes, or Chris Emplaincourt.

Questions or comments:  kenneth@engr.msstate.edu
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