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► Requirements for Graduate Oral Exam Presentation

1)  The presentations should follow the ASME guidelines for a presentation.

2)  The presentations should be limited to a maximum allowed time as follows:

M.S. Non-thesis Option:  20 min.  +  time for questions
M.S. Thesis Option:  30 min.  +  time for questions
Ph.D.:  50 min.  +  time for questions

3)  The presentation will be judged (Pass or Fail) on the following:

1. Technical content
2. Organization of the presentation
3. Professional decorum

4)  The following apply only to the M.S. Non-thesis Option:

1. The presentation should be on a technical topic consisting of the student’s work or based on a technical literature review.
2. The student should submit to the major professor for approval a brief typewritten synopsis on the topic of the presentation one week prior to setting the date of the exam.

► Academic Dismissal Policy

Academic excellence is expected from all Mechanical Engineering students in our graduate program.  This policy sets the minimum standards for satisfactory academic performance and defines a process for academic dismissal of graduate students failing to meet these standards. 

The policy is based on broad guidelines from the Office of Graduate Studies copied below:

From the Office of Graduate Studies, General Requirements of Graduate Studies, Item 12:  “Continuous enrollment in the University or in a specific graduate program is dependent upon a satisfactory evaluation of academic performance and progress toward the completion of a specified degree.  A student’s progress is considered satisfactory unless judged to be unsatisfactory by the department and/or the dean of the college offering the program.”

“To be eligible for the comprehensive/preliminary examination, a graduate student must maintain an overall “B” average in all graduate courses attempted while in a specific program.  Individual programs may have additional requirements.”

Additional requirements, established by the Mechanical Engineering Department, include a list of academic deficiencies that would initiate the dismissal process.  These requirements also establish the general sequence of considerations leading to academic dismissal:

Grounds for Academic Dismissal
1. Failure to maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.0
2. A single grade of “U”, “D”, or “F” in any course
3. More than two grades below a “B” in any semester
4. More than two grades below a “B” in courses taken for graduate credit
5. Unsatisfactory research progress as determined by the student’s Major Advisor

Academic Dismissal Process
1. Deficiency recognition by student’s Major Advisor or the Graduate Program Coordinator
2. Case consideration and findings by the faculty
3. Concurrence by Department Head
4. Recommend dismissal to the Dean of Engineering

This policy sets reasonable standards for consideration of academic dismissal, while allowing for full consideration of special circumstances by the Mechanical Engineering faculty.