Technical Electives

Mechanical Engineering students are required to take three technical elective courses during their time in the program. Students may choose their own technical electives. At least one of the three course MUST be a course offered by the ME Department (ME 4XXX).

Mechanical Engineering Technical Electives

Course CodeCourse Name
ME 4343Intermediate Heat Transfer
ME 4833Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
ME 4353Alternative Energy Sources
ME 4373Air Conditioning
ME 4543Combustion Engines
ME 4393Power Generation Systems
ME 4193Automotive Engineering
ME 4123Failure of Engineering Materials
ME 4133Mechanical Metallurgy
ME 4990Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering


Approved Technical Electives In Other Departments

Course CodeCourse Name
ABE 4613Biomechanics
EM 4123Introduction of Finite Element
EM 4133Mechanics of Composite Materials
EM 4143Engineering Design Optimization
EM 4213Advanced Mechanics of Materials
IE 4553Engineering Law and Ethics
IE 4613Engineering Statistics I
IE 4623Engineering Statistics II
IE 4733Linear Programming
ECE 4913Feedback Control Systems I
ASE 4233Structural Dynamics
ASE 4423Intermediate Computational Fluid Mechanics
ASE 4433Fundamentals of Numerical Grid Generation
MA 4XXXAny 4000 level math course