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The Mechanical Engineering program offers graduate study leading to the degrees of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering with a Mechanical Engineering concentration. Both degrees are available via BCoE Learning (online). The major areas of study include the following.

  • fluid mechanics
  • solid mechanics
  • thermal sciences
  • materials and manufacturing
  • mechanical design
  • system dynamics

Specific programs of graduate study are established by consultation between students and their advisors.  Requirements for the thesis M.S. degree, the non-thesis M.S. degree and the Ph. D. degree are listed below.

  • Master Thesis Option: 24 hours of course work are required along with 6 hours credit for the thesis.
  • Master Non-thesis Option: 33 hours of course work are required.
  • Ph.D: Completion of a Ph.D. requires substantial academic work in the field or program of interest beyond the bachelor’s level and includes both formal coursework and research (dissertation credit hours).  Specific Ph.D. course requirements are determined by the student’s major professor and graduate committee.  Students who have entered the ME Ph.D. program are required to take the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination within their first 24 months of admission into the ME graduate program.

Acceptance to the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program requires an ABET accredited undergraduate degree in Engineering and a good academic record (B average or better).  All applicants are treated on an individual basis, and additional undergraduate course work may be required to eliminate deficiencies.  The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for students who do not graduate from ABET accredited programs.

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