The ME Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department at Mississippi State University has a long history of quality engineering education and research. The ME department is the largest of the engineering programs at MSU. In Fall 2019, the ME program, had a total undergraduate and graduate enrollment of about 1,108 students (997 undergraduates and 111 graduates).   In the 2018-2019 academic year, the ME department awarded 187 undergraduate degrees and 31 graduate degrees.

The faculty of the department have excellent academic credentials and extensive industrial experience.

The undergraduate program focuses on energy and mechanical systems and provides the broad technical education necessary for today's high-tech world.

Graduate studies are available in all of the major areas of mechanical engineering, and significant research opportunities are available for both graduate students and undergraduate students.

Program Mission

The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to educate students in fundamental engineering principles, thus enabling the understanding of existing and next generation technologies relevant to research and engineering practice.  All graduates will receive a broad education that will enable them to be successful in industry or academia, the profession, and the community.