Our Vision is the combination of our purpose, promise, and core values and beliefs working together to achieve our deliverables as a school.


We, the Michael W. Hall School of Mechanical Engineering, are an integral part of BCoE and excel at connecting higher education to the market by enabling and training our students to be top talents in solving for market-relevant and high readiness level technologies impacting energy saving, national security, health, and environment protection applications, and thus allowing students a life-changing experience on campus.


By 2030, the Michael W. Hall School of Mechanical Engineering, will demonstrate that every year, each faculty performing “innovation” research can generate at least 1 successful tech innovation-based business start-up involving 3 students (Grad & Undergrad) or 1 successful growth ($500K) in annual revenue for an industrial customer.

Core Values and Beliefs

  1. Above all things, we protect the health and safety of our people, our students, and our environment.
  2. Our customers (students) come first, whether internal or external, and we understand their needs.
  3. Our customers (students) deserve satisfaction based on capable processes managed by qualified Faculty and Staff.
  4. We operate in an environment of honesty, openness, and mutual respect.
  5. We give and take constructive criticism, then act to improve.
  6. Our Faculty and Staff deserve opportunities to learn and grow.
  7. Our shareholders (alumni and the state of Mississippi) deserve measurable benefits from our work.

Roadmap and Strategy for Vision