Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. Course Requirements

Earning a Ph.D. in engineering in the Michael W. Hall School of Mechanical Engineering's doctoral program will normally require several academic semesters of study beyond the student's BS degree in engineering. The diverse and multidisciplinary nature of most engineering doctoral topics requires that considerable flexibility be allowed in tailoring the doctoral program course of study, consistent with the goals of the topic under study and the unique interests and capabilities of each student.

Students are required to take 42 hours of course work beyond the B.S. degree to obtain a Ph.D degree. Of these 42 hours, up to 6 hours of “Directed Individual Study” courses can be included.  In addition, students are required to take 2 hours of graduate seminar. If a student already has an M.S. degree, then up to 21 hours of course work can be used towards the Ph.D. degree.

All Ph.D. students admitted will be required to take one of the following math courses: ME 8213: : Engineering Analysis I,  MA 6313: Numerical Analysis I,  MA 6323: : Numerical Analysis II,  MA 8203: Foundations of Applied Mathematics I, or MA 8463: Numerical Linear Algebra. Please check the updated ME graduate course schedule for the times this course is offered and consult with your advisor to accommodate this class into your graduate schedule.

Major Steps in Ph.D. Program

When you first arrive

  1. Read the Graduate Catalog.
  2. Visit with the Graduate Coordinator.
  3. Meet with your Major Professor.
  4. Read the guidelines for dissertation formatting and submissions.

During your 1st semester

  1. Work with your Major Professor to plan your program of study.
  2. Establish a Graduate Committee with the advice of your Major Professor.
  3. Work with you major professor to decide when you plan to take the qualifying exams.  Students who have entered the ME Ph.D. program are required to take the PhD Qualifying Exams after they have completed 18 graduate course credit hours or within their first 3 years, whichever comes first.  The Ph. D. Qualifying Examination will be administered once every year during the Spring semester. The exact timing and venue of the exam will be adjusted according to faculty and student schedules.

During your 2nd semester

  1. Submit your Program of Study with the ME Graduate Office.
  2. Submit your Graduate Committee with the ME Graduate Office.

During your last semester of course work

  1. Work with your Major Professor to verify that your program of study and Graduate Committee are current and complete. Give any changes to the ME office.
  2. Be sure that the residency requirement has been met.

After your last semester of course work

  1. Schedule your Preliminary Examination. Complete the Declaration of Exam form and submit to the ME Graduate Office at least 3 weeks before the scheduled examination date.
  2. After completing your Preliminary Examination, see the ME Graduate Office to submit admission to candidacy form for the Ph.D. Degree to the Graduate School.

During your last semester

  1. Apply for your degree and register for graduation.
  2. Schedule your final oral examination before the Graduate School deadline and notify the ME Graduate Office.
  3. Submit a reader's copy of your dissertation to your Graduate Committee at least two weeks prior to the date for the final examination.
  4. Upon completion of the final exam, submit your initial and final submission by deadlines to the Library Thesis and Dissertation Office.

Contact Us

Applicants and current students are encouraged to refer to the MSU Graduate Catalog for official information related to curriculum and The Graduate School website for details on admissions.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Tonya Stone, Graduate Program Coordinator

Mrs. Delia Nuckolls, Graduate Program Academic Records Assistant