Requirements for Graduate Oral Exam Presentation

The presentations should follow the ASME guidelines for a presentation.

The presentations should be limited to a maximum allowed time as follows

M.S. Non-thesis Option: 20 min. + time for questions
M.S. Thesis Option: 30 min. + time for questions
Ph.D.: 50 min. + time for questions

The presentation will be judged (Pass or Fail) on the following

  1. Technical content
  2. Organization of the presentation
  3. Professional decorum

The following apply only to the M.S. Non-thesis Option

  1. The presentation should be on a technical topic consisting of the student’s work or based on a technical literature review.
  2. The student should submit to the major professor for approval a brief typewritten synopsis on the topic of the presentation one week prior to setting the date of the exam.