Meet our faculty: Dr. Prashant Singh

February 21, 2020

Dr. Prashant Singh began working at Mississippi State University for the Mechanical Engineering Department in the Fall of 2019. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech, Singh continued there as a Post-doctoral research associate before he joined NC State University as  Research Scholar in January of 2018 where he carried out research in the heat transfer lab and teach undergraduate courses for three semesters. After his time at NC State, Singh decided to join MSU ME faculty because of the potential he saw for himself, the collaboration opportunities with faculty, and the students to be able to grow.

As a professor at MSU, Singh emphasizes the importance of being prepared for the career field, especially for a competitive field like engineering. In his Thermodynamics I course, Singh practices real world problems which prepare his students for any job they might be seeking after graduation. He feels that his biggest contribution to society is cultivating well trained undergraduate students with lots of hands-on experience so that when they go into the work force, they are ready for real world challenges.

As an active participant in American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Singh attends conferences, especially the Summer Heat Transfer Conference and the IMECE Conference, which is the largest ASME conference that brings together every aspect of engineering. Singh is a significant promoter for this association and actively encourages students to participant in the conferences.

Dr. Singh has published outstanding research in the field of thermal management, or more specifically heat transfer enhancement, and is most affiliated with Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS). An example of his research would be the act of efficiently utilizing conserved energy resources such as abundant solar energy. Singh helps to design systems that can convert that solar energy to thermal energy efficiently and then store it so that one can use it whenever it is needed. Currently, Singh is in the process of building a lab which will be able to be used for different types of experiments once the lab is fully functional: force convection, transonic flow experiment, thermal conductivity measurement of composites for the electronics’ cooling, and boiling heat transfer experiments just to name a few. At the same time, he is hiring undergraduates to perform some of these experiments and research.

As a Mississippi State faculty member, Dr. Prashant Singh supports all his students and pushes them to achieve their goals, whether that be in pursuit of a graduate program or employment. He hopes his research students’ work gets published in reputed journals and they get famous amongst their peers.

By Ciera Garrett