The MSU Mechanical Engineering Minority Organization (MEMO) will Promote Minority Success in ME

October 30, 2015

The Mechanical Engineering department is proud to present the Mechanical Engineering Minority Organization (MEMO).  This new organization has been recently created by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Mississippi State University with the support of a group of undergraduate and graduate minority students.

MEMO seeks to provide a support-network for minority students in mechanical engineering, to recruit high-achieving minority students into the department, to increase the graduation rates of minority students and in addition, assist in the development of diverse, innovative, ethical and socially well rounded engineers who excel academically and professionally. Last year, minority students comprised only about 13.5% of the student body in ME at MSU. Therefore, the ME department is working closely with MEMO to improve the percentage of minorities starting and completing an ME degree at MSU.

Through MEMO, minority students will have the opportunity to recruit, retain and reconnect with diverse engineers and students of similar backgrounds.  “Students can seek mentorship from upper level students, as well as graduate students and faculty to aid in their registration throughout the mechanical engineering program,” said Jamel Alexander, graduate student leader.

The ME Department and MEMO would like to see minority enrollment in ME at MSU grow significantly.  “I am really excited about this group and I will provide all the support they need to achieve their goals,” Mago said. An increase in minority students will also aid the Department in recruiting and retaining underrepresented students. In addition, the Department would like to see an increase in the number of scholarships to support minority ME students.

For information about MEMO please contact: Jamel Alexander (  or Dr. Tonya Stone, Faculty Advisor (