Alejandro Martinez

Alejandro Martinez-Castellon


Office: 304 Carpenter Hall
Phone: 662.325.1536

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  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Mississippi State University, 2021
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Mississippi State University, 2019

Experience Record

  • Instructor, Michael W. Hall School of Mechanical Engineering, Mississippi State University, 2021-Present


During my time at Mississippi State University, I've embraced several roles that highlight my dedication to student development and manufacturing innovation. As an advisor for the MSU Manufacturing Club, Formula SAE team, Baja SAE team, and Mississippi State Space Robotics Club, I've guided students toward excellence in engineering projects. With a genuine interest in manufacturing, I'm always eager to assist students in pursuing innovative ideas. This involvement underscores my commitment to hands-on learning and collaborative growth within the university community.

Subject Areas Taught

  • Modeling and Manufacturing
  • Materials for ME Design

Research Overview

My research revolves around the manufacturing of gecko-inspired adhesives, achieved through a combination of mold design, casting, and precision CNC micro-machining techniques. A crucial aspect of my work involves developing a predictive finite element model that aids in refining adhesive designs and projecting adhesive forces. This advancement carries significant potential for elevating adhesive technology in multiple sectors, including robotics for climbing and perching applications, as well as precision electronics manipulation. Incorporating smart materials into robotic design opens avenues for creating highly efficient mechanical systems.


  • Barrett, C., Martinez, J., Nitol, M. (2022), “Faceting and Twin–Twin Interactions in 1121 and 1122 Twins in Titanium”. MPDI - Metals: Theoretical, Computational, and Experimental Studies of Deformation Behavior in HCP Metals, Vol. 12, p. 895

Service Positions

  • BAJA Society of Automotive Engineering, Co-Advisor
  • Formula Society of Automotive Engineering, Co-Advisor
  • PACCAR Advanced Manufacturing Lab
  • Mississippi State Space Robotics, Co-Advisor