Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Assistant Clinical Professor

Office: 129 Math and Computer Science Building (Gulf Coast Campus)
P 228.497.7737
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Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Mississippi State University, 2012.
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Mississippi State University, 2008.

Experience Record

  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Mississippi State University, 2016-present
  • Senior Engineer – Research and Development, Eaton Aerospace, 2013-2015
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Mississippi State University, 2009-2012

Specialty Areas

  • Energy System Modeling and Optimization
  • Combined Cooling Heating and Power Systems
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Engineering Education
  • System Design and Control
  • Renewable Energy Systems

Honors and Awards

  • ASEE member, 2016-present
  • Innovation Award recipient, Eaton Aerospace, 2015
  • Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) Green Belt Certification, 2013
  • NASA Mississippi Space Grant Consortium Fellowship Recipient, 2009-2012
  • Bagley College of Engineering Graduate Fellowship, 2009-2011


Journal Papers

  • Smith, A., Luck. R., and Mago, P., “Integrated parameter estimation of multi-component thermal systems with demonstration on a combined heat and power System,” ISA Transactions, 2012, Vol. 51, pp. 507-513.
  • Yun, K., Luck, R., Mago, P., and Smith, A., “Analytic solutions for optimal power generation unit operation in combined heating and power systems” ASME Journal of Energy Resource Technology, 2012, Vol. 134, 8 pages.
  • Smith, A., Fumo, N., Luck, R., and Mago, P., “Robustness of a methodology for estimating hourly energy consumption of buildings using monthly utility bills.” Energy & Buildings, Vol. 43, 2011, pp. 779-786
  • Smith, A., Luck, R., and Mago, P., “Analysis of a combined cooling, heating, and power system model under different operating strategies with input and model data uncertainty.” Energy & Buildings, Vol. 42, 2010, pp. 2231-2240

Conference Papers

  • Skinner, J., Smith, A., Frischemeier, S., and Holland, M., “Advancements in Hydraulic Systems for the More Electric Aircraft,” MEA 2015, Toulouse, France, 2015.
  • Smith, A., Yun, K., and Thomas, R., “Optimal Power Generation Unit Sizing for Combined Heating and Power Systems with Uncertain Loads and Fuel/Electricity Prices.” ASME 2011 5th International Conference on Energy Sustainability.


  • Skinner, J. and Smith, A., “Electronic Control of a Rotary Fluid Device,” Application: PCT/US2014/062973, May 2015, Patent pending.
  • Smith, A., Frischemeier, S., and Skinner, J., “Supervisory Control and Monitoring Logic for Zonal Hydraulic System,” Patent Pending.