Curriculum by Semester

Freshman Year - Fall Semester

ME 1111* Introduction to Mech Eng1
MA 1713* Calculus I3
CH 1213* Chemistry I3
CH 1211* Investigations in Chemistry I1
EN 1103English Composition I3
** Humanities Elective3
** Fine Arts Elective3
Total Credit Hours17

Freshman Year - Spring Semester

PH 2213* Physics I3
EN 1113* English Composition II3
MA 1723* Calculus II3
CH 1223* Chemistry II3
CSE 1233 or
CSE 1284
* Computer Programming3
Total Credit Hours15

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

PH 2223Physics II3
EM 2413* Engineering Mechanics I3
MA 2733* Calculus III3
ME 2133* Modeling and Manufacturing3
MA 3113* Intro to Linear Algebra3
Total Credit Hours15

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

** Humanities Elective3
EM 2433* Engineering Mechanics II3
MA 2743* Calculus IV3
ME 3513* Thermodynamics I3
MA 3253* Differential Equations I3
Total Credit Hours15

Junior Year - Fall Semester

EM 3213* Mechanics of Materials3
ME 3113* Engineering Analysis3
EM 3313* Fluid Mechanics3
ME 3523Thermodynamics II3
GE 3513Technical Writing3
** Social/Behavioral Sci. Elective3
Total Credit Hours18

Junior Year - Spring Semester

ME 3403Mat for Mech Eng Design3
ME 3423Mech of Machinery3
ME 3313Heat Transfer3
ME 3103Exp Meas & Techniques3
ECE 3413* Intro to Elec Circuits3
Total Credit Hours15

Senior Year - Fall Semester

ME 4403Machine Design3
*** Technical Elective3
ME 4301Thermo-Fluids Lab1
IE 3913Engineering Economy3
ME 3613System Dynamics3
** Social/Behavioral Sci. Elective3
Total Credit Hours16

Senior Year - Spring Semester

ME 4443Mechanical Systems Design3
*** Technical Elective3
ME 4333Energy Systems Design3
ME 4401Solid Mechanics Lab1
ME 4111Professional Seminar1
ME 4643Intro. to Vibrations and Controls3
*** Technical Elective3
Total Credit Hours17

* Must make at least a grade of C

** See the University Core Curriculum Requirements

*** Technical Elective (TE) from ME TE list or based on consultation with academic advisor. It is required to complete at least one TE with an ME course code.

You can find a PDF of the ME Curriculum Flowchart here.