The MSU Mechanical Engineering Ladies Organization Promotes Female Success in ME

The ME department is proud to present the Mechanical Engineering Ladies Organization. MELO seeks to help retain women in ME, to recruit high-achieving women into the department, to foster the success of women in ME,  and to improve the sense of community among female students.

The ME department is working to improve the percentage of women starting and completing a ME degree at MSU working closely with MELO. MELO’s core objectives include mentorship of current students by female faculty, senior students, and alumni, outreach from MELO members to local schools, and social engagement of our female students.

The ME Department and MELO would like to see female enrollment in ME at MSU grow not only to meet national averages, but eventually to exceed these averages. This will require programs not only for local high school students, but also to generate interest in mechanical engineering among elementary-age students.  An increase in female students will also aid the Department in recruiting and retaining women. In addition, the Department would like to see an increase in the number of scholarships to support female ME students.

For information about MELO please contact: Alta Knizley, Faculty Advisor ( and Morgan Green, Faculty Advisor (

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